Next month is baby loss awareness week (9th-15th October) and just like last year, I will be trying my best to raise as much awareness as possible by not only sharing Evalyn’s story, but by supporting other parents and families who have also lost a little one.

I have also been lucky to have sat down with some amazing people and plan some projects for the week itself which I hope to speak about soon once it all comes together . .

It is so important to get our voices heard and to break the silence surrounding baby loss. Why can’t we talk about our babies? Why is baby loss a taboo subject?

During this week, I would like to feature some of your own stories and experiences on my blog. If you would like to share the story of your little one or how you have coped living your own life after loss journey, then please do get in touch.

Together, let’s stand up and make the world listen.






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