The world didn’t see as he held her,

How he kissed her cold cheek as he cried.

Or how time seemed to stop and the ground opened up,

When he heard that his baby had died.


The world didn’t see him paint over,

The room he’d made one month before.

How he packed up her things, gave her teddy a hug,

Then collapsed in a heap on the floor.


The world didn’t see all those long night,

Or the struggle through work the next day.

How the dark cloud above him forever kept growing,

And nothing could blow it away.


The world didn’t ask him how he was,

Cause’ a man who’s in pain must be ‘strong’

The world didn’t see that a loss dad cries too,

That his journey through grief’s just as long.


The world didn’t see – but the world’s waking up,

You’re a loss dad and you matter too.

And you’ll never stop grieving, you’ll never stop loving,

Your baby – half mum . .  . . but half you.







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