She told them that the pain she felt was just too much to bear.

They squeezed her arm and told her, “just hold on, you’re nearly there.”

And sure enough the screams from her gave way to tiny cries,

She grabbed her husband’s hand and saw the pride fill up his eyes.


I listened to their joy next door as the Doctor looked at me

And told me that our baby girl just wasn’t meant to be.

Her little heart stopped beating and I felt my heart stopped too,

For how do you keep living when your heart is broke in two?


Her announcement was a happy one as she reached towards her phone,

We had to tell the world our baby wasn’t coming home.

She got to hear ‘Congratulations’, we got to hear ‘I’m sorry’s,”

She was full of joy and hope whilst we were full of worries.


She held her baby close to her, felt the warmth of newborn skin,

I held my baby, cold to touch, and tried to take her in.

They got to leave the hospital as a family of three,

We had to leave with empty arms and hearts weighed down by grief.


That night I looked up to the sky, my eyes fell on a star,

“Is that you, my little angel? Is that now where you are?

I make a promise here this night, a promise in your name,

That I will live my life for you until we meet again.”


And in a house not far away in a freshly painted room,

She watched her baby fast asleep and turned to face the moon.

She thought about the screams she’d heard, she’d heard those screams before,

For only twelve short months ago, grief had knocked her door.


“Look after your new little friend,” she whispered to the sky,

She thought about her baby lost as a tear crept from her eye.

She glanced over to her miracle, her baby lying there,

And to the mother who had lost that day, she said a little prayer.


“The days will sting, the nights will hurt, it may feel hard to breathe,

But try to hold onto your strength, have hope and have belief.

I know it’s cruel, it’s something that we shouldn’t have to face,

And I pray for you, in time to come, you will find your ‘happy place’.”













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