Tomorrow is the 1st April and here in the UK, that means April Fools’ Day – a day where it’s become tradition for people to play pranks on eachother. Alot of people don’t bother. Some people go out of their way to out-do eachother. And most pranks are usually harmless (or don’t even work as everyone’s already onto you in the first place). But there is one ‘prank’ that I have seen slowly creeping into social media posts on April Fools’ . . . .The fake pregnancy announcement.

Even before losing Evalyn, I have always wondered what sort of person would think this is acceptable. And before anyone decides to do it this year, have a little think about how your fake news might affect someone else who may see it.

Think of the grieving parents who have lost thier children through miscarriage, stillbirth or after they have arrived into the world. Think of the parents who are struggling through infertility and would love to be able to announce one day that they are expecting a baby. Think of all the women and men who live with the fact that having children is sadly not an option for them . . . .

Please think.

Because you’ll probably find the only one laughing is you . . .

Don’t become the fool on April Fools’.





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